12 Months Master Guild Pass [Postcard]
12 Months Master Guild Pass [Postcard]

12 Months Master Guild Pass [Postcard]

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12 Months of Master Guild Membership on World Anvil.
Postcard printed on laminated heavy card paper, delivered in perfectly fit red envelope sealed with World Anvil sticker!

If this is a gift. You have the option to have the envelope open and the sticker unstuck so you can write your message. Alternatively, let us know and Janet can write the message for you!

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Christmas Period notice

At this point, we cannot guarantee they will arrive in time!

Keep in mind that although we are sending things as quickly as we can, during Christmas orders can take some time. When you place your order make sure you message us if you want us to send you the code digitally as well

We are sending everything using first class but not tracked (since that would have more than doubled the price)